Start Date and Location

We have a start date. June 7th! Join us at Sterling State Park in Monroe, MI with your canoe, kayak, or similar vessel to help kick off this journey in a big way. Check in later for other open invites to come paddle on other stretches of the rivers or contact us via the blog and arrange a meeting on the river that fits everybody’s schedule.

So why are we doing this trip? 

Because it will be fun and hasn’t been done since the days of the fur trapping boom over a century ago! (Please let us know if it has been accomplished more recently but we haven’t found anything yet)

Why have we started this blog? 

To entertain you and to let people know about the untold opportunities for fun and adventure right here in our own communities. But mostly we want you to get inspired to go for a paddle and enjoy our water wonderland. If you didn’t read a word of this and rushed out the door to get on the water then our job would be done, however, happy reading until then!


7 thoughts on “Start Date and Location

  1. Hi Silas! Off you go! Best wishes and safe travels to you and your buddies. Hope to see you somewhere along the way. In the meantime, I’m looking forward to this interesting blog.
    Much love,


  2. I would like to join you somewhere on the grand river with my canoe before we leave on a trip to Denver on 6/26/15. Thanks for your adventuring out there! Paul


  3. Hi guys…we really enjoyed our time with you last night and this morning. Hope you have found a great place to camp and are sitting on the river bank enjoying chips and salsa and wine. Looking forward to seeing you again on a river somewhere!
    Gary and Linda


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