The River what…? Whats so Grand about that one? Here are some fun facts about these two great rivers.

The River Raisin 

Lays claim to being the “Most crooked river in the world”

The River Raisin is 139 miles long and drains 1,072 Sq. miles of land in 5 Michigan counties and a small portion of Ohio.

Originally named  Nummasepee by the natives. It means River of Sturgeon and historic floodplains gave these massive fish some of the best breeding grounds on Lake Erie.

The French named the river “La Riviere Aux Raisins” after the bountiful grapes that lined the banks. This leads to the current name of the  River Raisin (as opposed to the Raisin River).

The Grand River

The longest river in Michigan and possibly the longest river in the Great Lakes Basin.

It’s 252 miles long and drains 5,572 Sq. Miles of land all within 18 Michigan counties

Originally named O-wash-ta-nong, meaning Far Away Water. I don’t feel its a coincidence the natives named the longest river in the area as such… and they knew it without a map or GPS!

The French named it the Grande Riviere and the name has stuck because well, its a Grand River!

That there is just a sweet taste of these waters but the most fun way to know more is to jump in and join us!


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