The first five days!

We have made it to Blissfield! Updating from Josh`s phone. The first day was thick with rapids and dams. And we camped just outside Monroe. Made Dundee the second day and from there the going got tough. The river became deep and murky with high banks on one side and swamps filled with posin ivy and nettles on the other. A fine layer of silt makes most of the ground in the river bottom slippery and not helpful for camping. It feels like a different world down there… The logjams are less numerous than anticipated but some of them are massive. Yesterday we were held up by one logjam for two hours as we deliberated the best route around or through it. My original estimate of four weeks seems like not enough time now! But the show must go on. thanks for reading my rambling and talk to you soon


Off and Away!

(This very brief post is brought to you by Grace.)

The trio began paddling on Sunday, June 7th from William C. Sterling State Park in Monroe, Michigan.

Left to Right: Mateo, Silas, Josh

Left to Right: Mateo, Silas, Josh




Josh is in the front, Mateo pushes off in the back. Silas  is already on the water.

Josh is in the front, Mateo pushes off in the back. Silas is already on the water.


Welcome to our blog! Here is where we will be publishing all sorts of good stuff regarding our canoe expedition across Michigan. We are working together with The Stewardship Network and various other organizations to promote local exploration of our waterways.

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The image below is a general idea of the path we will be following.