It’s a journey up the world’s most crooked river, the Raisin, and down Michigan’s longest, the Grand. This June three friends will attempt to paddle the length of these two rivers. Starting in Lake Erie at the mouth of the River Raisin they will paddle upstream to Brooklyn, MI. A short portage will take them to the Grand River and, in turn, to its mouth on Lake Michigan. In the past, during periods of backwater flooding before the lands were drained for agriculture, no portage was necessary to makes this trip! With 391 miles ahead of them (approximately 3 weeks of paddling), it will be a long haul and Silas, Mateo and Josh hope to see you along the way.

The Raisin-to-Grand water trail is just one of the many water trails that used to (and still do!) crisscross the state. Unfortunately many of these rivers have been “lost” to agriculture and development. Now laying forgotten under bridges and between towns these water trails were once main highways and influenced every aspect of life and yes, in subtle ways, they still do. Through this journey the boys hope to highlight the importance of these ancient water trails and promote local exploration of our water via community, words, music (please no banjo jokes!), video, pictures and firsthand experience. Join us on the water and help rediscover Michigan’s lost highways as we chronicle the path and past of our most precious resource.

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Thats the trip, who are the adventurers?

Silas Bialecki and Josh Parks grew up together exploring the nooks and crannies of the headwaters of the River Raisin. Silas grew up along Iron Creek and Josh grew up in the Goose Creek watershed; a stones throw from Clark Lake, the “halfway point” in which the crew will cross from the River Raisin watershed to the Grand River watershed and start their down hill journey.

Mateo Marquez is a Washington native from the Puget Sound but gained a healthy appreciation for the power of water while growing up in Arizona before moving back to Washington just two years ago.

(Your name here) likes to get outdoors and take part in crazy canoe adventures that maybe haven’t been done in one hundred if not more years!


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  1. Hey, I’m sure you’ll be hearing from my partner, Patrick, as well, but when you are doing the Grand and get to the Lansing-Grand Ledge area, you have a place to stay! He lives in Lansing close to where the Grand crosses under Wavery Road and i have a house in Grand Ledge near Fitzgerald Park. We can transport you and your boats too and from the river and give you a place to overnight. We’d love to have you!!


  2. Gentlemen !! Good News – When you came through Lansing and visited Eagle Monk Pub & Brewery – you put your names in the doorprize drawing – and 4 of you are winners !! You need to stop in and collect or let me know how to get them to you – contact “Flipper” at your convenience 517.202.0812


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