Eaton Rapids

Wow! Four days on the Grand River and it has been the best of times and the worst of times… Our first day was a dream of floating down the river through marshes with the sun beating down on us. We made it to Vandercook Lake where our friend Breton put us up for the night.

The next day we made our way through a few more lakes and a short stretch of river as we approached Jackson. We went swimming for the first time! Mostly because Josh almost flipped the canoe and Mateo jumped in, it looked so refreshing we all hopped in and floated with our canoes. After a dinner in Jackson we had to paddle in the dark to find a campsite. We ended up camping on a nettle ridden hill in the middle of  a floodplain. We broke camp early and got out of there!

Yesterday was interesting… it started off with sunshine and few clouds. Around noon the first rain shower hit, around two the first thunderstorm hit. Lashing rain, lightning and no choice but to keep paddling. It cleared up after about 45 min but the honey moon was short lived. We made it to Onandaga and the folks at the gas station let us know there was more storm coming. We high tailed it down the river and were able to make camp in a pine grove with enough time to make a fire and dry some clothes. Sleep came in bursts as the storms kept on till early in the morning. Another quick camp cleanup and we shot down river  to Eaton Rapids for breakfast and some resupplying. Thankfully the river has widened out at this point and there are no more logjams! On the flipside the winds have picked up and we saw whitecaps on the river today.

Next stop Lansing! Oh…. and Silas lost another phone to the wetness so if you are wanting to get ahold of us shoot a text to (517) 212 5883. that is Josh’s number


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