Walp, wouldn’t you know it, we made it to the “top” of the River Raisin! It’s all downhill from here.

Since Clinton, Mateo and Silas struggled through the stretch of river to Manchester, this stretch of the river had the strongest current we have seen . More than once we had to get out the canoes and walk them through rapids that were too strong to paddle up. Especially having both us in our own canoes made it all the harder. All of our hard work paid off as when we made past the dam in  Manchester the current slowed considerably and it has been relatively smooth sailing since!

An impromptu camp meeting was set up and some family and friends came out to share snacks, stories, and mosquitoes at Fellows Bridge on Sharon Valley Rd.

On the next day (the 18th) Silas’s mother joined in a kayak for a few hours and saw us past Sharon Mills and the mill pond. After crossing a fallen tree we entered into a wild place, signs of beaver (which we had been seeing since just downstream of Manchester) became quite common, Hummingbirds, Phoebes and Red-winged Blackbirds nested just above the river and water snakes lounged on logs. We made an early camp downriver of Norvell and caught a corner of the wild storm that passed through.

Josh rejoined us on the 19th along with our friend Eric. We met them at Pierce Rd and made through Norvell and on to Brooklyn by late afternoon!

In just a few short hours we are splashing into the Grand River! If you want to join us, the best bet is to shoot Silas a text at (734) 657-0007. He dropped his phone in the water and is working with a new number for the time being… Hope to see you soon!


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