From Tecumseh

We`ve made it to Tecumseh! After 3 days of paddling since Blissfield we are happy to have it behind us. This stretch was definitely the hardest. After we passed the South Branch River Raisin, the river became much narrower and nearly every tree that fell came down across the river. Of course the recent rain has made the the currrent much stronger but we have made it passed the worst parts of the river and are looking forward to relatively easy paddling.

Sorry for the sporadic updates but this has been a whole lot more than we expected. Days of paddling through jungle like river bottoms, trying to light fires in the rain, climbing over log-jams with fully loaded canoes and paddling upriver has left us whooped at the end of each day. We will try to update as we get to towns but also look for a full account of the trip after we are finished with the mighty Raisin.

Remember that you are welcome to join us at any time and it only gets easier the farther we get. Contact us on here or get a hold of me more directly at 517 358 2715. Texting works best. Talk to you soon!





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