Welcome to our blog! Here is where we will be publishing all sorts of good stuff regarding our canoe expedition across Michigan. We are working together with The Stewardship Network and various other organizations to promote local exploration of our waterways.


Head over to the About tab to get a better of idea of what this trip entails and who will be making the journey.

In the Updates tab we will post all of our latest material leading up to, during and after the excursion.

The image below is a general idea of the path we will be following.



7 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Nice work Silas! I would love to join you in Manchester for a Tap Burger tonight, but someone must sail the Mischief. It is Tuesday.


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  3. Gentlemen, You are welcome to accept our Lansing Area hospitality on your through trip. We have been active on the cross state trips and can connect you with The Topologist – Mr. Jim Woodruff’s archived studies on the original watershed’s portage routes. Housing and laundry, with shuttle is available when you come through. Get in touch with Pat & Robin, aka “Flipper & Sweep” at pathemail@yahoo dot com or 5172020812 / Your trip look really cool – Please consider presenting at Quiet Water Symposium in March at MSU…


  4. “It is only in adventure, that some people succeed in knowing themselves- In finding themselves.”
    I am proud of you Mateo.
    – Auntie Anna


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